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  • Planning

  • Budgeting

  • Design

    • Event

    • Technical

    • Production

  • ​Creation / Fabrication

  • ​ Venue Consultation

    • Technical Production

    • Front of House​

    • Programming

  • CAD services

  • ​Staff Training

  • ​On-Site Management

  • On-Site Direction​

  • Web Operations and Management


Events thrive when proper planning, budgeting, vision, and execution merge to serve participants the experiential, interactive, multi-sensory, experiences they demand. 


Art and media messages flourish within well-thought-out venues, event grounds, schedules, and overall design. With engaged staff interacting with and activating your attendees/guests, participant comfort and satisfaction will prevail.  


Gatherings - music, theatre, speakers, parties, themed events of all kinds - are powerful, unparalleled events to express your message and vision. Fully and completely creating all aspects of live events is c2studios’ passion and proven expertise.

Our work


c2studios was formed by Chris Christiansen as a natural extension of the many years of experience and education in event production. 

An accomplished and acclaimed designer, director, consultant, and producer in concerts, theatre, conferences, and public events, Chris plans, designs, and executes. Collaborating with event professionals from all aspects of the industry - independent event producers as well as friends from the greater business community.  


c2studios brings your vision the professionalism it deserves - financial and intellectual profitability, participant service and satisfaction, well-thought-out design and integration, intelligent presentation and performance. Whether a one-time gathering, or a performance space that creates a legacy, c2studios brings your ideas to life.


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“I have worked with Chris for over 20 years.  I can say without hesitation that not only is his overall knowledge and competency in all aspects of theatre and production – from booking to producing of the highest caliber… but that Chris is truly a great person.  The combination cannot be matched!


 - Sherry Wasserman, Another Planet Entertainment




Chris Christiansen’s work with ANOTHER PLANET ENTERTAINMENT involved the remodel and operation of a 7500 capacity outdoor amphitheatre, the production and presentation of over 200 international touring concert artists (including Tom Petty, Bob Dylan, Maroon 5,  and Sting, etc.), and collaboration on the strategies for booking and presenting live concerts in the Reno, Tahoe, and regional markets.

“Chris (C2Studios) has proven himself an invaluable resource for us as we continue to build our festival. He brings a depth of knowledge in many areas including production, logistics, marketing and fan experience that we will leverage to help us evolve and grow. “


 - Flip Wright, Off Beat Music Festival



Chris Christiansen met with OFF BEAT, identified issues surrounding the audience activation and festival branding aspects of the complicated presentation model (over 100 artist in 15 separate music venues over the course of 3 days), fostered hiring of needed staff, provided training materials and on-site checklists guiding the successful execution of customer/artist relations throughout the very successful 2017 festival.

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Q Productions requires production solutions to successfully mount challenging Cirque-styled shows featuring flying acrobatics, daredevil – full scaled circus apparatus, and motorcycle stunts, all within the delicately timed live aesthetic required for the fantasy illusion Cirque is known for. This requires the deep live presentation skills and experience Chris Christiansen has become depended upon to provide.  Chris’ collaboration with Fernando has created imaginative, safe, and stylized rigging, lighting, video, and technical stage choreography, allowing quick pre-production schedules for annual runs in the Grand Theatre as well as helping other venues be prepared to mount and realize Q Production’s amazing visions.

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Engaged as Production Management by Blue Sky Events for the Hard Rock Tahoe Summer Concert Series, c2studios ultimately served as venue design and functionality consultant to Blue Sky Events, produced licensing diagrams as attached, designed facility power and lighting,

Pre-production advance and show day production management included, c2studios proved vital to the installation and operation of this 5000 capacity amphitheatre.


As Project Manager in PRG's Las Vegas Scenic Technologies department Chris quickly came to be relied upon as knowledgeable and dependable in touring set construction, automation, and client relations.  Working on high profile projects for Ru Paul's Drag Race and Weezer's 2020 Tour as well as playing key roles in many other projects.


Brought in by Burning Man Project to manage operations and logistics for an in-person conference, COVID-19 forced a pivot of the live event to development of an on-line platform to host community presentations as well as BMP created media as an engagement to the existing community as well as a vehicle to replace Black Rock City 2020.  Within this pivot Chris' role as Web Producer guided the creation of the site as well as defining roles, responsibilities, and best practices for a start-up web product.   Chris has been responsible for both Kindling and Project Management for Virtual Burn 2021.  Currently Chis is an Event Produce with the Community Events team on year-round events supporting gatherings ranging from virtual meetings and webinars to in-person convenings.  

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